One of our many spontaneous ideas we've had with my buddy Sandrine. First we just talked about it and didn't take it very seriously. But then Nothing But Thieves announced they were gonna be playing on Lolla and for me this was the sign we should go. Our babes playing on a festival we had been talking about. We didn't wanna go for the whole festival as on Saturday there was nothing for us, so we just bought tickets for Sunday. And as Lolla is in Berlin, we had also decided to spend few more days there and explore the city. Well, what can I say. It was amazing holidays. But today just about Lolla:



Few weeks ago I finally bought a new camera I had wanted for so long. Olympus E-PL7. I love Canon and I had it for a while but I just need something smaller I can put into my bag and I can take it anywhere with me. Because you never know what day brings you and you might want to take a nice picture of it with something else than your phone.


LANY, Heaven, London 1.9. 2016

Yesterday my big evening plan was to lie down and do nothing. Literally the one thing I've been doing for the last few days as I'm still recovering from V and Reading Festival.
And then my dear friend Sandrine texted me: ,,Do you wanna go to see LANY tonight? I won two tickets." Of course she had won two tickets, she always wins everything. So I was like ,,I don't know any song but what the hell, it's free so let's go." And it was magical. 



I've never been to V Festival before so I had no idea what to expect as we went for both days and we were camping there. The only UK festival I've been camping to, was Reading and Reading is like a second home for me, literally. This year we're going again and I can't wait.



An outside cinema is someting you just have to do in summer. And this rooftop cinema I wanted to visit already last year but somehow I didn't make it.
So this year for me it was a MUST and when I had seen they're going to play one of my favourite movies - Some Like It Hot I booked tickets straight away.