411 Mare Street
E8 1HY

Discovering new cool coffee shops is my favourite thing to do on my day off. What is more relaxing than sitting with a delicious cup of coffee, eating some yummy food and enjoying the atmosphere? That is called a proper day off.

My boyfriend has started to like coffee so he’s the one I’m dragging around London to find the cafe spot I found thanks to the instagram @londoncoffeeshops.

Our last place we had visited was a place called Palm Vaults in Hackney. And it’s definitely a place that is worth to write a post about.

From the first second we entered I had a great feeling about this place. First thing that came on my mind was the movie Pretty in Pink. In that kind of style it is. Also it was a week day so it was quiet and most of the people were on their laptops.

The interior is quite small and it’s full of plants. The ceiling, shelfs, everywhere. And what’s even more interesting? All of the plants are actually for sale. I was thinking about buying one if I wouldn’t live on the other side of London and didn’t still have the whole day out in front of me.


Staff was really nice. This cool guy guided us through, told us about the place – that it’s been open for 6 months and he was super friendly.

They have all kinds of coffees and milk, they do smoothies, smoothie bowls and some salads. Unfortunatelly when we arrived they didn’d have any cakes left so I had to settle with croissant. And my choice of coffee was pretty clear. When I saw pictures of a pink coffee on instagram I knew I had to have exactly that. If you knew me, you’d understand. So red velvet latte. That was my choice.


And the latte was really good. Still tasted like normal coffee just sweeter without any need to put sugar in.
My boyfriend had a normal latte and this delicious avocado on toast.
He even said that this was the best coffee he’s had in London. (Well, to be honest he didn’t have that many)
I wish Hackney wouldn’t be so far from me, otherwise I would be spending there a lot of time. This definitely wasn’t my last visit though.

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