Few months ago my friend Martin visited me in London and while he was here, we took a little trip to Oxford. A little escape from London. I’ve never been as well so at least we both were somewhere new and I wasn’t the tourist guide for one day. So here’s a bunch of photos I took that day

Martin really hates when I’m taking selfies. Especially early in the morning after his sixth night of sleeping on the floor, haha.

For some reason I imagined Oxford as a quiet city. You know, students studying anywhere they can. But I guess we picked the wrong day as the city was busier than London. Going through the city center was a real nightmare.

A little bit of Camden in Oxford
Over the city there’s many colleges that belong to Oxford university. Some of them are not open to public and some of them are, but you have to pay an entry.
Christ Church
Yep, I just needed a picture with flowers
My favorite building on Radcliffe Square – Radcliffe Camera. It’s a library that belongs to Oxford University. I adore all of the circular buildings. Any circular building is always my favorite building in any city and I could just stand there and watch it for hours.
Bridge of Sighs
We went to Oxford Covered Market and they had these beautiful stalls with cupcakes and wedding cakes.
Oxford Castle
Just next to the Oxford Castle there’s a hill you can go on if you pay £1 I think. It’s cheap and it’s worth it. You’ll get a nice view and you can chill there for a bit as well if it’s not too cold.
At the end of our trip we went to chill to The University Parks. Martin finally got his fish&chips he had wanted to try for the whole week while he was in UK. We were sitting by the lake until we were attacked by crazy ducks and we had to move on a bench.
Definitely would recommend to visit Oxford if you’ve never been. The architecture is like old England and you will feel there are in some classic British Movie. Just try to pick not busy day. Otherwise you will not be able to enjoy it.

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