Since I’ve bought a new camera I’m pretty much taking it anywhere with me and I’m taking pictures of everything. So that’s why I thought I would start to do a monthly photo diary with all of the pictures I’ve taken that previous month.Photos in this post were taken in the last 2-3 months but from now you can expect this kind of post every end of the month.

I’ve taught my boyfriend to love a coffee so together we’ve started to discovering cool coffee shops in London. This cafe is called Grind and it’s near Covent Garden.



I’ve started to work in a cafe near my flat and you know what that means? FREE CAKES









When I’m not eating cakes (which doesn’t happen very often) and I’m craving something sweet but healthy, this is alway a good option – greek yogurt with some frozen berries

We  discovered this great vegetarian restaurant in central London called Tibits. You come, take a plate and you can choose from so many good and healthy stuff

Cuteness overloaded




I celebrated my third year of living in London! Can’t believe it. It went so fast. Amazing three years of my life!

I’ve read and seen The Girl On The Train

Cold and short days make me eat a lot of crap





We went to see an exhibition of a photographer (don’t remember his name, sorry Mr. Photographer!) who had taken a pictures of rooms of teenagers and this room pretty much looks like it could be my room. So cool awww






I remember I had a really crappy day. And then I saw this. You can imagine how quickly my mood changed after that


Went to see Jake Bugg in Brixton (who cares I’ve seen him already like 100 times) and it was awesome!





Like everyone else I’ve taken a plenty of “autumn” pictures






When I let my boyfriend to sleep until noon, he’s usually in such a good mood that he makes us vegan pancakes for breakfast. But poor me who’s starving already since 9am, haha


The Japanese House in Heaven!
Finally we’ve managed to go see the Hindu Temple – BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir. It was really nice, especially inside. I just wish it was better weather. After that we did some big shopping in IKEA (or I did some shopping and was listening my boyfriend how he wants to go home on repeat every 5 minutes haha)






I’m looking for new hobbies so I’ve decided to try to do some baking. I did these vegan blueberry muffins by BAKERITA and they turned up quite well. I just wrongly counted the ingredients so I ended up with not just 12 muffins, but with 24 lol. Thank God for my boyfriend who ate almost all of them


I álso went to see Catfish and the Bottlemen in Wembley and there’s such a beutiful winter decoration
Gingerbread latte is a must these days
And I guess that would be all for this month xx …

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