I know Lush has been really popular and known for a long long time but I’ve never actually owned anything until recently. My first purchase in Lush was a coffee mask and I fell in love with it. So I started to buy more and more things to try them out and this hand cream called Handy Gurugu is my favourite thing I’ve bought in there. Actually it’s my favourite thing at all in the moment. I consider it as my best friend.

I was struggling with dry hands for the past few months. You know, it gets colder so skin gets drier and you have to give some extra care to your skin, but my hands? I was using a body lotion by Nivea like 10 times a day and it didn’t do anything. Helped me for a few minutes and then I could have felt how dry my hands are again.

And as I’m working in a coffee shop, making hundred coffees a day, my hands are constantly dirty from a coffee or milk or whatever, which makes them even worse, so my hands began to crackle and that is, as you can imagine, really painful.
So yeah, I was desperate for some really good hand cream. I watched some youtubers and one girl was recommending this one from Lush so I thought I would give it a try. And it makes miracles!
I felt relieve pretty much immediately. The pot might seem quite small but you really need just a small amount and it does its magic. I use it two times a day, three times if I’m working and my hands are so much better! They are not cracked at all.
It doesn’t have a specific smell, but what you can smell is all of those natural ingredients that are in it which I adore.
Is there anything else from Lush you can recommend me? I really can’t wait to try more of their stuff.

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