Lulworth Cove & Durdle Door & Weymouth

Hiking is a passion I discovered in myself a year ago. When I was a kid I didn’t find nature interesting or beautiful. Now it’s the oposite. Nature gives me life. When I can get lost somewhere beautiful and quiet it gives me peace, hope and it clears my mind. Suddenly I see that I was worried about stupid things that don’t matter and I can easily find solutions for my problems.

So when my friend asked me if I wanna go to see Lulworth Cove and everything around I said yes straight away and I started to planning the whole trip. We decided we want to go away for the whole weekend so the best way to do it was walk to Weymouth and stay there over night. So that’s exactly what we did.

I left London early in the morning and went to Bournemouth where I was meeting my friend. We didn’t have time to discover Bournemouth at all. I just went for a coffee and that was it. But it seemed like a really lovely city.

From Bournemouth we took a train to Wool where we started our hike. It takes about 25 minutes to get there by train.

From what I read there should be a path from Wool to Lulworth Cove but I guess we didn’t find it as we were walking on the road for almost an hour. Then we found some footpath but somewhere it was closed so we were getting lost all the time. But who cares we got lost in such a beautiful place, hm?

One time we had to go over a fence which was probably the scariest moment of the whole trip for me as I really didn’t want to destroy my new leggings from H&M, haha.

After two hours of walking I started to have doubts that we’re gonna make it there. But of course we did and that feeling when we finally saw the sea was just amazing.

There was still a lot of walking and horrible hills in front of us though
So we got on the top of Lulworth Cove and the view was absolutely stunning. And also that feeling that we made it there even though there was still more than a half walk in front of us was amazing. We had to go down on such a small scary steps.
Obviously it was crowded there but we still took a seat, made a milion pictures and ate something and suddenly it was 3pm. Well, we definitely wasn’t gonna make to Weymouth before 6pm as I first thought.
From now it was easy to find the right way. We were just walking the whole time by the sea until we got to Weymouth. And there was also signs everywhere.
Another thing we saw was a Stair Hole
And after that finally Durdle Door. Again it was crowded over there which was a little bit annoying but still so beautiful! I think this was what I liked the most.
After we passed Durdle Door there was less and less people. After a while we didn’t meet a single person for hours. Only cows.
I have to say. This hike was really hard. I remember when I was hiking over Seven Sisters and those hills were just killing me. And there’s a plenty hills on this hike as well. Even more and worse I’d say. My legs and butt were burning, but it was worth it. Because all of those views were incredible.
The walk from Lulworth Cove to Weymouth is really really long. We were scared that we’re not gonna make it before it gets dark, but we did. But the pretty weather from the morning was gone and it started to be so foggy and we barely saw the path in front of us.
When we got to Weymouth it was already raining and it was getting dark. We had to walk for another hour to get to our couchsurfer’s house and it was such an amazing feeling when we finally got there. Because we made it! 30km in one day and so many hills. We felt really proud.
The next day we were going back to London in the afternoon so we had a time to explore the city little bit. Honestly there’s nothing much to see. Weymouth isn’t that pretty.
We were looking for some nice place to have a coffee and something to eat but there’s not to many nice and cool places so we were really glad when we found this place called The Good Life Cafe.
The place is so cute and staff is realy nice. You can sit by the window and enjoy incredible view for a sea while drinking coffee.
I had a baked potato with cheese and my friend had a carrot soup. It looked and tasted amazing!
We were sitting there for more than hour just relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere and after that it was time to get a train back to London.
Can’t wait for another trip like this!

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