An outside cinema is someting you just have to do in summer. And this rooftop cinema I wanted to visit already last year but somehow I didn’t make it.
So this year for me it was a MUST and when I had seen they’re going to play one of my favourite movies – Some Like It Hot I booked tickets straight away.

Because of the UK weather you can’t really book in advance as watching a movie on the roof while there’s a storm and a tornado isn’t probably gonna be the best day of your life, but some movies get sold out quite quickly. So it’s up to you if you’re gonna risk it or not.

Ticket is 15 pounds and I think it’ definitely worth the price. You’ll get a blanket by the entrance and really cosy, warm socks that you can keep. And the view!! Oh gosh.



On the other side of the roof there’s a bar where you can get some food or drinks before the movie. It’s open since 5pm and a movie usually starts 8-8:30pm.

I think we were really lucky as that evening was one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve even seen. And with the view of London it was just breath taking. It was one of those nights when I thought about how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful city.







Anyway after it got dark it started to be cold. So we put those warm socks on and we covered ourselves in blanket. I’m not gonna lie, I was bloody cold by the end of the movie so next time I’m wearing more layers.


The movie starts when the sun goes down so after the movies has finished you’ll get another amazing view, this time of Night London. Which is also absolutely beautiful.
I woud love to pay another visit this year but I’m not sure if I have time as there’s too many things going on in the moment.
Tomorrow I’m leaving for V Festival, week after Reading festival and then after two weeks I’m going to Berlin. But I’m definitely going next year again!

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