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Second part of my photo diary from Berlin. These are from day 3&4.

The second day we spent on the East side of Berlin as all of the main tourist sights we had seen on the first day. The East side is the undeground side. It’s like Shoreditch, Brick Lane and Camden all together. And as I’m a fan of those three parts of London you can imagine how much I loved it.

Berlin is very well known for the street art and I can tell you, the art is so cool, that one day I wanna buy a book about it and find it all.
Brammibal’s Donuts. This place has the best vegan donuts ever. Seriously. Do you know that moment, when you see a pretty donut in a store, you start craving it and so you buy it and when you eat it, it’s just so sweet and heavy that after you feel like the fattest person in the world? Well, this is not gonna happen to you after these donuts. First I bought just one but it was just so good and not too sweet that I had to buy another one. I wish so bad this place was in London.
When we had left the donut place, the worst thing happened. (ok, not the worst, but it was pretty horrible) My phone froze, turned off and I couldn’t turn it back on. Nothing was happening. Not even when I put it on charger. So while we were walking to the Markthalle I was super grumpy and I was trying to figure out where I’m gonna get money for a new phone. Also I didn’t wanna have a memory like that from Berlin which made me grumpy even more. Poor Sandrine knows me so well that she rather didn’t even talk to me.
Markthalle Neun. At the market miracle happened – my phone started to work and I could have stopped being so worried and enjoy everything again.
We found another photo booth and took pictures again so both of us could have one.
I loved all of those little shops and if I wasn’t a poor bastard I would have bought everything.
Molecule Man. I think this is one of the most incredible things in Berlin as I’ve never seen anything like that somewhere else. What a wonderful idea.
The Bowl. Another amazing vegetarian/vegan place. I don’t remember what was it that I had ordered but it was delicious. Great view from the building and a cute waiter are also a big plus!
When you just don’t wanna go back to your host’s place as he’s an arrogant dick so you’re walking and walking around Berlin and this beautiful picture comes from it. After that we were sitting on the ground next to the tower catching wifi for min. 30 minutes, haha.
Day 4
The Barn. Last day and also day when we were leaving. We were pretty much just chilling and eating all day. No more discovering and long walking as we were quite tired. We started our day with this delicious coffee that I’d now kill for.
Eschschloraque. This place was truly something. Sandrine said it was her favourite place we’ve visited in Berlin. Inside it’s like a street full of street art, there’s is a pub or something, shop and some other places. It’s a really photogenic place so you’ll see a lot of photographers, tourists and probably even bloggers taking pictures there.
Last day = almost no money, so no more eating in fancy restaurants haha.
Berlin is definitely one of my most favourite cities I’ve ever visited and I’m already planning going again next year and explore it a little bit more.

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